The Caddo Parish Commission votes on this next week

The Caddo Commission committed to this community that they would oppose corporate tax giveaways with no strings attached.

Now they're being lobbied to give away $72,000 in public funds to a private company called Inferno Manufacturing as an "incentive". The problem is the project seeking an "incentive" ALREADY WAS COMPLETED in 2016.

Here's the video that explains what's going on:

Please call or email the Caddo Commission to ask them to oppose the Inferno exemption.

You can start an email to the whole Commission by clicking here.

Call in particular these 7 Commissioners to respectfully share where you stand on this:
Matthew Lynn: (318) 402-1132,
Louis Johnson: (318) 751-1774,
Mario Chavez: (318) 226-6596,
Gerald Bowman: (318) 210-3141,
Lynn Cawthorne: (318) 213-6451,
Stormy Gage-Watts: (318) 226-6596,
Steven Jackson: (318) 226-6596,

Other taxing bodies also are being lobbied to support the exemption.

Background info on the Inferno giveaway is here.

Program documents are available here.


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