The current crisis demands not merely that we “return to how things were.” It demands that we Reimagine Louisiana as the kind of community our faith and democratic traditions call us to create.


We brought together more than 1,200 leaders of congregations and citizens organizations across the state, across the lines of race, geography and political affiliation, to commit to work together to improve our State and local communities.

The event launched a campaign called “10,000 CONVERSATIONS,” which has 3 goals:

1) to fight isolation in a time of social distancing
2) to understand first-hand the issues affecting people in our communities as the economic impact of covid-19 deepens
3) to build a base of community sufficiently broad and diverse to bring about change that will strengthen our state and local areas.


1200 people from 414 congregations in 114 cities and towns across Louisiana.

Governor John Bel Edwards and the Mayors of New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Shreveport, along with dozens of local and state legislative officials.


A video version of the assembly will be coming out soon.


To get involved, email us at [email protected].

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