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Together Louisiana is a statewide network of more than 250 religious congregations and civic organizations across Louisiana, representing more than 200,000 people. It is one of the largest grassroots organizations in the history of Louisiana.

The mission of Together Louisiana is to give faith and community-based organizations an opportunity to develop the leadership capacity of their members and affect change on a larger scale than they could alone.

Together Louisiana currently is working on issues that include tax fairness, access to healthcare, flood recovery, access to healthy food, workforce development, criminal justice reform and improving infrastructure and transportation.

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  • AmyJohn Metzel
    commented 2019-02-06 08:42:32 -0600
    Very informative video. One extremely important point you left out is that most of the exempted industries are very harmful to the environment and health of the people of Louisiana. We should give tax breaks to clean industries that use sustainable practices and tax the heck out of dirty ones. The transition will take some work though.
  • JeanaV
    commented 2018-12-22 19:25:06 -0600
    Just watched your YouTube video “Why Louisiana Stays Poor”
    That was hands-down the most comprehensive expose’ of how the Kleptocracy was, is and continues to fleece the trusting, caring citizens of Louisiana. One Zip code, swimming in billions, – water, water everywhere ~ yet not a drop to drink – It was stunningly well presented, even an artistic right brain thinker, like myself was grasping the dichotomy of this unfair incipient fascist takeover of our public and private realms, I was and still am in Awe. Where did you find these two, never have I been so charmed, yet so incensed all, within nano seconds. Truly ~ a stroke of genius! Imagine if every American who watched this, did their homework and replicated it. We could so quickly begin to the process of holding these corporate board members accountable for their…their, oh let’s call it what it is, GREED. Again, Bravo, smiled the whole way through that presentation.


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