Pledge to Vote 2023 is about getting our democracy back in gear. 

Pledge to Vote aims to strengthen a culture of voting over the long-term. Instead of “talking to strangers,” TLA is building the campaign in partnership with a large and expanding network of existing community and civic institutions – religious congregations, fraternities and sororities, neighborhood organizations, unions, social aid and pleasure clubs, marching krewes, etc., to engage their existing members in a commitment to vote.

It involves three simple steps:

1. Congregations, fraternities & sororities, unions & civic orgs across the state each commit to organizing a certain number of people to vote.

2. Each organization runs a pledge-to-vote drive through its networks

3. Each organization leads a voter turnout campaign among its pledged voters. 

To take the pledge, please visit

To sign up your organization to participate or register to attend the statewide kickoff event on September 27, please fill out the form below. 

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