Congregations are partnering across race & tradition to build trust and take action

Clergy from across Louisiana are launching a campaign of their congregations pairing across the lines of race, class and faith tradition to do “house meetings” of 10,000 conversations leading to local action.

Clergy wishing to participate can sign up here.


STEP 1: Juneteenth launch event

STEP 2: Finalize congregational pairings
-- Each pairing sets date for JOINT ASSEMBLY of congregations

STEP 3: Training / pre-meeting with leadership teams from both congregations
-- Clergy & Top leadership, not just 2 or 3 people

STEP 4: Organize sign-ups / turnout for Joint Assembly

STEP 5: Joint Assembly with Partner Congregations over Zoom (75 to 90 minutes)
-- Why we’re doing this
-- House meetings in breakouts (focused on stories, not ideas)
-- Report-back from house meetings
-- Invitation / challenge to participants to be involved in moving toward research & action

STEP 6: Regional Assembly by city to ratify top issues for action

STEP 7: Research actions, seminars, leadership training

STEP 8: At least one action by region to win a concrete change



We, the undersigned Louisiana clergy, believe we are facing a crisis and an opportunity not of the moment, but of generations.

We believe this crisis demands not merely statements and sermons, but a commitment to act together to bring about concrete, redemptive change.

We seek to deepen the ability of our congregations to act more fully on the call of our traditions to bring about justice in our world.

We condemn the lie of white superiority and recognize how deeply that lie has been woven into the fabric of our nation’s history.

We recognize the complicity of our own traditions in that history and embrace the strain of those traditions that has resisted such complicity.

We recognize a special urgency in the need to fight police brutality, mass incarceration and the racial disparities of our criminal justice systems.

We value the power of conversation and relationships to challenge the culture of division, partisanship and distrust in our communities, while recognizing that conversation and relationships, alone, are insufficient unless they lead to action.

We believe systems of oppression do not undo themselves; that doing so must be the work of our hands.

We, the undersigned Louisiana clergy, affirm our commitment to bring our congregations together in partnerships that cross the lines of race, class and tradition to listen to each other, to build trust, to research issues in our community and to take action.


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